Least to say, it’s been a roller-coaster ride for organizations, mostly the ride going down, companies need to recognize it as a long-term adoption or a temporary fix. Either way, there’s no denying the fact that organizations need the proper equipment to provide comparable—or even more effective—experiences by designing programs and adopting platforms that are within global and local reach.

What they need is a long-term roadmap and staying relevant even in the most opposite times and build a coping mechanism to practice control in the most unlikely situations. While COVID gave a surprise visit, it only takes the smoke off the road of adopting unconventional methods to learn and train.

A look back at Training and Development

The ever-changing and competitive landscape only left companies with keeping their employees up to date with trending skills. On the job and Off the job methods were identified and adopted, gradually paving their way to training houses.

The introduction of computers, the rise of the Internet, and then complex technological skills, all of it contributing to a world of jobs never stagnant.

Matter of question is, what is going to be the next thing to bring a revolution in taking human skills to a higher pedestal.

As far as current situations are concerned, we think Pandemic answers that question for us, a reach to another significant world-shaping event, introducing a new era of human interaction.

The need to deviate from original plans, formulating emergency mechanisms and introducing new policies right from Work from to learn from home, the acceptance of remote work in mainstream organizations is the new beginning to not only keeping employee needs as the middle ground but also, coming out of comfort zones that was a topic of resistance ever before.

A hunt for a Solution

As organizations are all jacked up into their remote work setup, L&D professionals are focused on setting employees up for not only success but productivity.

Organizations are not only regrouping and reassessing their priorities — L&D leaders are looking out what training is needed for their workforce, looking at the complete roll of dice on what skills to bet on!

Keeping it real Online

While face to face interaction in terms of training was a major factor of effective training, workplaces and employees together are making online training a comfortable practice with continued efforts to stimulate efficient Online training.

Global connectivity has led to a rise in remote work and virtual collaboration where L&D professionals are trying to leverage productivity in the most dubious times

Quantified measures for communication can help the organization’s learning and development leaders make the shift to online adoption, making it parallel to the needs of Tomorrow while keeping it real for Today.

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