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Virtual Training Labs we enable you to set up real-world technology environments for your employees to practice and get hands-on experience working on real-life projects.

The Learning and Development (L&D) teams have to rapidly upskill and reskill the employees to keep them relevant and billable. Many times, enterprises face leakage in billing as the employees are not skilled on time. Virtual Training Labs is specifically built for this need of enterprises. Now you can set up any lab of your choice within minutes and provide your employee a highly engaging training environment.

Virtual Training Labs provide access to an ever-growing list of over 150 labs. These range from programming languages to technologies to platforms to skill labs. Scroll down to see more:

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Access and Availibilty

Access and Availability

Report nad dash

Reports and Dashboards



Extensive labs

Extensive Labs

user management

User Management




Seamless Integration

control labs

Total Control of Labs

Simple UI

Simple UI


Real-world Configurations


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Managed lab

Managed Labs

Billing Flexibility

Billing Flexibility



Benefits for Enterprises

Real Time training, Real Time projects

Employees get access to real-life lab configurations and they will be working on real-world challenges and not dummy projects.

Good balance of theory and practicals

Employees get to practice the theory and hands-on experience of the way the technologies work.

Instant access to labs

The lab configurations are set up within minutes so that the student gets access to the lab immediately without any lead time.

Increased opportunity to be placed on a project of choice

Virtual labs give the flexibility to the employees to be hyper skilled on a technology of a choice and improve the chances to be placed in a project of their choice.

Anytime and anywhere access

Students can access the labs from anywhere and at any time thus providing them the flexibility of training.

Engaging and exciting training

Employees get access to the latest technologies and also client like environment configurations. This and the real-life technology projects makes the learning highly engaging for the employees.

Benefits for Students

Rapid ramp-up on new skills

Employees, instead of warming the bench, can be trained on new technologies within weeks and be ready for the next project.

Rapid set up time

The computer labs can virtually be set up in an hour. You do not need to wait for weeks to provide the lab access to your employees.

Widest range of technology labs

Every time a new technology comes into the market the list is automatically updated at no cost.

Total control on lab usage

Get an accurate snapshot of all learners with visibility on the incurred cost. The platform is highly secure and compliant with local laws.

Cut down the billing leakage

Get your employee fully ready on time for the next project. This significantly cuts down on the billing leakages due to talent shortage.

Practice labs that matches your client configurations

Employees can get to practice on a configuration that matches the client environment

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