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In simple words Content Development means to Research, Produce & Publish information to meet a strategic goal. We at ieXcel have a dedicated team which works on making customized content for you. Digital content is the future of training as it your organization the ability to train multiple people at multiple levels on the go.

Be it illustrative long training modules or byte sized videos we can do it all for you at the most competitive rates. We believe in the fundamental fact that training is the nerve centre of any business and as the world progresses it is important that you progress along with it. Content which we build is always engaging and learner based and customizable to any extent as per your requirement. Keep scrolling down to find out more on our solutions on Content Development.

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Being one of the best content development providers, IEXCEL ensures that our online educational materials are appealing at the same time informative. Our content providers in India and our experts use various technologies to enhance the experience-levels of the learners. We use Rapid Authoring Tools to make customized stunning content based on the requirement.

Our team comprises of well-versed technology experts and designers who customize and focus on E-Learning development. The end users find it easy to navigate and customizable to use. Our E-Learning development will be done as per your specifications, and will meet the learning needs of your learners and audience. Complete Solutions which we can provide include:

Video Based E-Learning Solutions

HTML 5 Based E-Learning Solutions

Animation based E-Learning Solutions



Our team of professional’s use technology that brings your imagination on to the screen. Being one of the leading multimedia services companies, we offer state-of-the-art multimedia solutions. With the fine blend of technology and creativity, our experts develop spell bounding visual effects that capture your audience’s minds instantly. Besides, we take pride in creating exclusive:

Whiteboard Animated Videos

Animated Videos


Motion graphics


2D/3D Animated Character Videos

Video editing services, to name a few


At ieXcel higher education publishers to develop quality content. Through our editorial teams, we have worked on projects that have involved:

Concept development (based on the curriculum): Our in-house experts and contracted Subject Matter Experts (SME) have the expertise to perform gap analysis and develop a proof of concept that can be tested in the market. This includes design as well as content development.

Editorial development: ieXcel works with a large team of authors and editors, who work closely with you to develop and/or edit the content.


Digital Learning Development

Supporting educational organisations in digital transformation from print to digital is at the heart of our service offering. ieXcel has helped numerous educational companies in converting legacy content to new digital content. We can create and curate customized digital content from the Raw printed content which you would have

Our E-Learning & Multimedia Solutions

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