Python Basic

Pythin basic

It is a comprehensive course covering all basic concepts of Python starting from scratch. It also covers using Python with database and multi-dimensional arrays. The course modules help you learn conditional execution and iteration as control structures, and strings and lists as data structures.

  • Pre-Requisites:
    Hands on knowledge on MIS/Reports and Excel Course Details.
  • Take Away:
    Participants will understand how to PYTHON and its utilities
  • Tools Required:
    Excel &PYTHON

Course Details

  • Accounting Fundamentals
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Management Foundation
  • Business Statistics
  • Business Communication
  • Introduction to PYTHON Data Types
  • PYTHON Numbers
  • Numbers: Simple Arithmetic
  • Variable Assignments
  • Introduction to Strings
  • Quick Print Check
  • Indexing and Slicing with Strings
  • String Indexing
  • String Slicing
  • String Properties and Methods
  • Print Formatting with Strings
  • Print Formatting
  • Lists in PYTHON
  • Dictionaries in PYTHON
  • Tuples with PYTHON
  • Sets in PYTHON
  • Booleans in PYTHON
  • I/O with Basic Files in PYTHON
  • File I/O
PYTHON Comparison Operators
  • Comparison Operators in PYTHON
  • Chaining Comparison Operators in PYTHON with Logical Operators
PYTHON Statements
  • If Elif and Else Statements in PYTHON
  • For Loops in PYTHON
  • While Loops in PYTHON
  • Useful Operators in PYTHON
  • List Comprehensions in PYTHON
Methods and Functions
  • Methods and the PYTHON Documentation
  • Functions in PYTHON
  • Function Examples in Detail
Modules and Packages
  • Pip Install and PyPi
  • Modules and Packages (Libraries)
  • __name__ and "__main__"
Errors and Exceptions Handling

Various Error Types and Handling them

Reading Excel Sheets and Cells
  • Understanding Pandas and Openpyxl
  • Reading Files (CSV, TEXT, EXCEL)
Writing to and Modifying Excel Spreadsheets
  • Extracting Excel Data without opening Any Excel
  • Copy the data difference Workbooks
  • Create Pivot Tables
Adding Fonts, Colors and Graphs to our Excel document
  • Working with Various Cell/Range manipulations

Onetime payment at the time of admission

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Enrolled: 2 students
Duration: 21 Hours
Lectures: 10
Video: 7

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