Microsoft Excel VBA

ms excel vba

Overview: Visual Basic for Applications is a computer programming language developed to create macros to automate repetitive word- and data-processing functions, and generate custom forms, graphs, and reports. It helps learners to customize beyond what is normally available and automate specific computer processes and calculations.

  • Prerequisite:
    Students must have strong excel knowledge.
  • Objective:
    Students learn how to create macros and functions to save their time by automating their repetitive tasks
  • Take away:
    On Completion of this course you will be able to automate repetitive tasks by using macros.

Course Details

Lesson 1: Developing Macros
  • Create a Macro Using the Macro Recorder
  • Edit a Macro
Lesson 2: Introduction to Excel VBA
  • Working with Variables in Excel VBA
  • Using Message box and Input box in Excel VBA
  • Data Variables
Lesson 3: Loops and Statements
  • Using If….Then….Else in Excel VBA
  • For……Next Loop
  • Do……Loop
  • Select Case.........End Select
Lesson 4: Excel VBA Objects – An Introduction
  • Excel VBA Objects –The Workbook Object
  • Excel VBA Objects –The Worksheet Object
  • Excel VBA Objects –The Range Object
Lesson 5: Working with Excel VBA Controls
Lesson 6: VBA Procedures –Functions
  • String Handling Functions
  • Date and Time Functions
Lesson 7: VBA Procedures -Sub Procedures
Lesson 8: Sample Excel VBA Programs
  • Formatting Worksheets Using Macros
  • Insert Text
  • Format Text
  • Sort Data
  • Duplicate Data
  • Generate a Report
Lesson 9: Creating an Interactive Worksheet
  • Determine the Dialog Box Type
  • Capture User Input
Lesson 10: Working with Multiple Worksheets
  • Insert, Copy, and Delete Worksheets
  • Rename Worksheets
  • Modify the Order of Worksheets
  • Print Worksheets
Lesson 11: Performing Calculations
  • Create User-Defined Functions
  • Automate SUM Function

Onetime payment at the time of admission

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Enrolled: 19 students
Duration: 09 Hours
Lectures: 11
Video: 3

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