Access 2016

Access 2016
  • Pre-Requisite:
    Basic Computer & Excel Knowledge
  • Objective:
    Participants will use Access 2016 to manage their data, including creating a new database; constructing tables; designing forms and reports; and creating queries to join, filter, and sort data.
  • Take Away:
    After completing this course, you will be able to manage huge database and make informed business decisions.

Course Details

Lesson 1: Exploring the Microsoft Office Access 2016 Environment
  • Examine Database Concepts
  • Explore the User Interface
  • Explore the Ribbon
  • Customize the Access Environment
  • Obtain Help
  • Use an Existing Access Database
Lesson 2: Designing a Database
  • Describe the Relational Database Design Process
  • Define Database Purpose
  • Review Existing Data
  • Determine Fields
  • Group Fields into Tables
  • Normalize Data
  • Designate Primary and Foreign Keys
  • Determine Table Relationships
Lesson 3: Building a Database
  • Create a New Database
  • Create a Table
  • Manage Tables
  • Create a Table Relationship
  • Save a Database as a Previous Version
Lesson 4: Managing Data in a Table
  • Modify Table Data
  • Sort Records
  • Work with Subdatasheets
Lesson 5: Querying a Database
  • Filter Records
  • Create a Query
  • Add Criteria to a Query
  • Add a Calculated Field to a Query
  • Perform Calculations on a Record Grouping
Lesson 6: Designing Forms
  • View Data Using an Access Form
  • Create a Form
  • Modify the Design of a Form
Lesson 7: Generating Reports
  • View an Access Report
  • Create a Report
  • Add a Custom Calculated Field to a Report
  • Format the Controls in a Report
  • Apply an AutoFormat to a Report
  • Prepare a Report for Print
Lesson 8: Controlling Data Entry
  • Restrict Data Entry Using Field Properties
  • Establish a Pattern for Entering Field Values
  • Create a List of Values for a Field
Lesson 9: Joining Tables
  • Create Query Joins
  • Join Unrelated Tables
  • Relate Data Within a Table
Lesson 10: Creating Flexible Queries
  • Set Select Query Properties
  • Create Parameter Queries
  • Create Action Queries
Lesson 11: Improving Forms
  • Design a Form Layout
  • Enhance the Appearance of a Form
  • Restrict Data Entry in Forms
  • Add a Command Button to a Form
  • Create a Subform
Lesson 12: Customizing Reports
  • Organize Report Information
  • Format the Report
  • Set Report Control Properties
  • Control Report Pagination
  • Summarize Report Information
  • Add a Subreport to an Existing Report
  • Create a Mailing Label Report
Lesson 13: Sharing Data Across Applications
  • Import Data into Access
  • Export Data
  • Analyze Access Data in Excel
  • Export Data to a Text File
  • Merge Access Data with a Word Document

Onetime payment at the time of admission

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Enrolled: 3 students
Duration: 12 Hours
Lectures: 13
Video: 4

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